Be Well, Be Happy, Be Whole.

Welcome to Be Well Acupuncture and Holistic Health Clinic, located in the Laurelhurst neighborhood of NE Portland.  Dessa Bingley, MaOM L.Ac., offers Acupuncture, Shiatsu Massage, Herbal and Nutritional Counseling as well as additional energetic bodywork modalities.  She has an in-house herbal medicinary and works with Golden Cabinet Herbs, which are highest quality, organic Chinese herbs.  Dessa is available for health consults and ongoing family medical care.

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Gentle and effective

"Dessa has a gentle and effective approach to care, and she's a natural in the aquatic environment. She will make you feel immediately at ease in the water. I saw Dessa just one time for general stress and lingering back pain, but the beneficial effects were felt for nearly a month afterward. She was able to stretch and open up muscle pathways that are difficult to approach with other therapies - you really feel another dimension of treatment happening with the added mobility that water allows. I left the Watsu session feeling light and happy, and my low-level chronic back pain was alleviated. Thanks Dessa!"

- Beth Griffing, L.Ac.


"Watsu with Dessa was an incredible experience. Otherworldly, yet so comforting. I felt completely supported in the water. She moved my body with such grace and ease that it was easy to let go and receive the full healing benefits of this technique. I'm so coming back for more Watsu!"

-- Travis Kane, Portland OR

Reach new levels of healing

Dessa's unique mastery of her craft has helped me reach new levels in my healing process from a brain injury, neck and back pain, headaches, dizziness and depression. When I first started seeing her, I was despondent and uncertain if my body could stop having pain flare ups, but her gentle blend of expertise has brought me a long way in being hopeful and positive towards getting better. I'm having less flare ups and am starting to stabilize. I tried seeing less talented acupuncturists who were closer to my house, but I was too traumatized to handle conventional acupuncture needles. Dessa specializes in a needle-less kind of acupuncture that has given me great results, and she also has a strong understanding of supportive herbs and Bach flower remedies. She has a strong hero-like presence but is in no way intimidating. She once commanded, "You're not broken!" and it felt like every cell listened, believed, and behaved differently from that point on. I'm deeply grateful for everything she has done for me.

~Keirsten Lindholm, Portland OR

Pain relief without medication

I found Dessa at the Portland Intuitive Fair and am so glad I did. I am now a patient of hers at her office. I have had pain and nausea for around 16 years and doctors have never been able to really diagnose what the trouble was except to give me pain pills. Dessa has a wonderful gift with her hands and being able to diagnose and treat the root of problems with your meridians which I find very soothing and life altering. I feel that she has been able to get to the root of my pain and is treating my entire body for complete wellness. I highly recommend Dessa for anyone who is looking to treat the root cause of your problem without covering it up with medications.

~Sharon Skinner, Portland OR

Meet Dessa and learn how acupuncture can help chronic pain plus a brief introduction to the nature of medicine and meridian therapy.