Quantum Shiatsu Sessions - Online


Quantum Shiatsu…

is a more energetic incarnation of Zen Shiatsu that was first practiced by Pauline Sasaki. Rather than understanding the meridians as physical, tangible channels that are pressed into to like in zen shiatsu and acupuncture, the meridians are made of light and have a remarkable penetrating depth.

The meridians govern everything about a person – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual. Just like Zen Shiatsu, there is a meridian for each organ, but the light meridians function at a much faster vibration than the physical channels, which is why work is done most often off of the body.

Through connecting to your body via the light meridians, I receive messages from your higher self, which I can relay back to you to bring you back to the awareness of your loving nature.

What you can expect from a session:

Dessa determines which meridians are either under-functioning or over-functioning and then works with your body’s natural resources to bring the meridians back into balance. This can result in:

  • release of pain and stagnation anywhere in the body

  • improved energy

  • improved digestive function

  • decreased stress levels

  • release of old and outdated emotions, belief systems and thought patterns that no longer serve your highest good

  • and more

Benefits of online sessions:

  • you can receive treatment from the comfort of your own home

  • useful if you are ill or unable to travel

  • it can be performed in groups

How is an online session performed?

  • Each session will be guided by your body’s deep wisdom - your innate intelligence - which resides in every cell of your being and knows exactly what your body needs to heal itself.

  • We first briefly talk via Zoom to establish a direction and I will get a general sense of your energy body.

  • Then you will find a comfortable position to sit or lay while I perform quantum shiatsu.

  • At the end of each session, there will be time to share any messages I received from your highest self.

    Quantum Shiatsu uses your own light to pierce all the way through the body to open the channels and remind you that you are a beautiful beam of brilliance and perfection and bring you back to your optimal state of being.